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      "Shorty," said Si, "let's fire both together," and crack went their muskets."He said you carried it away in your hand."

      "Then it was murder," said Pen. "That agrees with the doctor's evidence. Who do you think killed him?""Look!" she said with her shaky little laugh. "We've been canonized."

      She turned down the covers of her bed, and rumpled them. Her ears were strained for sounds from the back, but she heard nothing. So much the better!

      "Oh Pen!" he said in distress. "Why should you be unhappy?"

      [540] Montcalm Bourlamaque, 28 Mars, 1758.

      A struggle was going on inside Pen. Not that she wanted the glittering bracelet. It was horrible to her. But her cooler self was saying: "You ought to take it to put his mind at ease. You can return it later. It is merely silly to be high-minded in dealing with a man like this!" But at the suggestion of taking it her fingers automatically closed until the nails were digging into her palms. It was useless to think of it. She knew that her fingers would break sooner than open to receive the little box.V2 Colonial Minister, Berryer, prepossessed against Bougainville by the secret warning of Vaudreuil, received him coldly, and replied to his appeal for help: "Eh, Monsieur, when the house is on fire one cannot occupy one's self with the stable." "At least, Monsieur, nobody will say that you talk like a horse," was the irreverent answer.




      "I don't suppose he did it himself," said Pen. "But with his money he could easily get it done, couldn't he? One reads of such things.""Surely real people can't live there," murmured Don.